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Concert Talent was born from a music revelation. 

At the time, I was studying for a Master’s degree in Russian Literature and Civilisations and spending a year in Moscow.

During my stay in the Russian capital city, I was enraptured by the richness of its musical life and I became a regular audience member of concert halls. 

I was spellbound by the world of music and musicians. 

From then on, music became the great story of my life.


After completing a post-graduate diploma in Music and Performing Arts Management, I gained my first professional experience with Marie-Andrée Benhamou, the founder of the Lorentz Concerts agency. 

I later joined the Saphir Productions music label where I worked with Pierre Dyens and discovered the phonographic producer profession.

During this decade of intense collaborations, I participated in the making of some hundred albums and met many artists with whom I developed strong relationships. My admiration and passionate ambition to reveal them led me to create Concert Talent in 2011.

©Alexandre Moulard


We offer advice to artists through a personalised service and assist them in their promotion and the development of their careers. 
We support them in their recording projects with Music Labels.
As part of stage performance programs, we manage the contracts, communication and logistics between the artists and the organizers, so that every event is unique!
We also produce ready-made events to cater for the corporate domain.
Our human dimension enables us to establish trust-based relations so that each talent can be fully revealed.

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